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Sunday, 14 December 2014

Surprise giveaway

So happy to be here with a great giveaway! I decided to team up with some lovely ladies in order to bring you this super cool Giveaway! Scatterpin is a Northern Irish jewellery company with a strong ethos of fun and fashionable pieces that yet retain their uniqueness in their strong personal histories, each piece is designed and manufactured by artists whose inspirations and identities are traceable and current. From beautifully understated day-wear jewellery to speak-for-itself statements, Scatterpin aims to source and sell the perfect accompaniment to any outfit.

With the help of FemaleBloggerRT and some fabulous bloggers, Scatterpin is giving away £50 Paypal CASH and the three beautiful items below!

This cuff is created with tear-drop cratered steel and filled with beautiful cyan blue enamel. It is easily adjustable for fitting of any wrist and sits comfortably on the forearm. The contrast between the high-polished silver finish and delicate blue enamelling is emphasized by the unique “raw” edges of the cuff, making it both organic and crafted - a distinct and intriguing balance.
The cuff is a key trend item this year, making a statement without the weight or imposition of a “big” piece. It is light and dainty yet demands attention and can be worn casually or formally without difficulty. A cute and quick addition to any summer outfit, or a chic and icy finising touch for any winter ball, its versatility makes it a real must-have item this season.

These little sterling silver earrings dangle from one corner on delicate chains attached to fish hooks. They are all irregular in shape and imprinted then enameled in a choice of three colours, green, red or blue, with a cute inset window-frame design, creating a little “room with a view.” The blue earrings are again cyan in hue, and can be worn casually but this range is rather more quirky and something a little different from any high street jewellery. Their quirkiness lends well to many styles and fashion genres - it is fun, bohemian, statement, simplistic or just entirely different all depending on your mood and personality.

The designer of this range, Lauren, also created a matching ring which is roll printed and enamelled in the same manner but does not have the inset window frame as the other pieces. This ring can be worn in tandem with other pieces to reflect and enhance their distinctive patterns, or worn on it’s own as an understated but unique piece. With its uneven depth and bowled shape, it stands out against your hand whether you choose to coordinate with your earrings or clash with your nail polish.

Use the widget below to enter the giveaway! 
And make sure to check out and the great bloggers helping to spread the word!

The giveaway will close December 26! Giveaway open to European residents only.

Monday, 29 September 2014

I love autumn/fall wishlist  - 12345678910

I love autumn. I'm super excited about the cooler temperatures, being able to wrap up in layers and drinking warm cups of lattes (homemade of course). Although it's still quite warm here where I live, I'm day dreaming of being able to wear boots and a coat. I know, we all want what we don't have, but this is how life is! This afternoon I was searching the internet for THE perfect burgundy bag. Although I didn't find it, I managed to spend way too much time on NastyGal's web, creating myself unnecessary needs. I really need number 3 and number 7 in my life. Those shoes will be mine. I need them. Like now.

What are you looking forward the most to this season?

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Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Floral is my favourite print (Outfit)  - Floral dress wig The print on this dress is divine. Love how cute and summery it looks, combined with the adorable neckline makes the perfect dress. It's already September but it's hot (like 30 degreed ad midday), but luckily the temperatures have started to drop, making it possible for people to actually get things done.  - Floral dress wig Since the weather was so nice we decided to spend the day at the Botanical Garden in Valencia It's such an amazing place, totally worth the visit!  - Floral dress  - Floral dress wig  This is a failed panoramic photo. Not sure how I even did it, but it turned out pretty cool! :)  - Floral dress wig   I managed to make some new friends. These two were adorable. In my next life i'd like to be one of these cats that live in the Botanical garden. Now that's life!  - Floral dress wig  - Floral dress wig   I was in the mood of feet shots that day! :) hope you're having an amazing week.
Stay awesome! :)