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Sunday, 27 May 2012

Instaweek - The beginning

1. Big bun with my H&M hair sponge. Total success.
2. My shadow.
3. Nice bread loaf
4. A kangaroo!!!
5. Unintentionally coordinating feetshot.
6. Some shoeporn. Jeffrey Campbell Nightwalk. Ahh...
7. What I wore: double leopard.
8. Yummy dinner: taboulé and gazpacho.
9. Special guest feetshot.

I have finally got the hang on Instagram, totally understand why people get all obssesed and take photos of everything and post them up.
I have a few more to share, will be up some time next week, no more time today. :)

Quick post to say hi!
You all know how much I like to do great big and looong posts, but I just haven't been able to sit down and do any blogging this weekend.. 
Hope to be able to get back on tracks this week.

Completely unrelated topics:

♥ Love this closet/studio, someday... someday....
♥ Blog Crush She Wears Fashion, that young lady's got so much style!!
♥ Must try this recepie. Starbucks muffins. Oh yeah.
Used this simple tutorial by Southern Speakers to eliminate the tacky shadows on all images on the blog. Looks much neater now!
Would you like to trade buttons for a little more internet exposure? send me an email!
Listening to Gotye: "looking for an easy way out, nananana!" (this is me singing along).

Hope you've had a great weekend and you enjoy the new week that is about to start.

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