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Saturday, 21 April 2012

My red glitter booties (Outfit + DIY)


What do you think of my latest DIY?? I love it!!
It turned out pretty well! Although I must say that making this proyect go wrong is almost impossible.
A pair of shoes, glue, glitter and a paint brush. 
You don't even need patience! The results are great, The shoes aren't the prettiest ones in the world, but that's what I got for 3eur at the street market near our home.
I have the intention of trying this technique on another pair of shoes (I would love a pair of silver glittery oxfords!) or even maybe a note book!

This cute shirt is one of my crazy second hand purchases. Got it a few months ago at a street market (not the one next to our place) for 2EUR, which is quite steep taking into consideration. that I normally pay 0.50EUR, but I do go a bit over the top every now and again and I decided to spurge on it!
I love many things about it: It's long-sleeve, black, leopard print devoré design, sheer and has fine glitter all over it. I got it and it was far to big, but it shrunk when I washed it, that now if fits perfectly. 
I really like and I wear it all the time!

The views were amazing, there wasn't a single could and we could clearly see the sea in the back ground.

These close up photos make you have to be more creative in order not to make the photo look boring.
I do like how this one turned out (Yeah, I know it's not professional, but hey! I have only just started!)

We took these photos late in the afternoon, so the shades were strong. This gave us the opportunity to get creative and play around!!

gif maker

All post on TheMowWay must have something funny in them, so here you have this GIF. I have NO idea what I was doing here. It just looks soooo funny.

What I wore: 
Sunnies: Zara
Blouse: Pre-Loved (2EUR)
Skirt: Primark
Silk scarf: Handed down (Thanks mum!!!)
Handbag: Carolina Herrera (gift from my mum)
Jewelry: H&M + Primark
Booties: Street Market (3EUR) + DIY

DIY inspiration: 
My first intention was to so some glitter boots, similar to those by Victoria at Style Marmalade, she used glitter pains for a lighter effect, but I just couldn't find paint like that so I had to look for other options. (Might consider this option for the silver oxfords I'm planning to diy next!)
I then found this post by Carly at Chic Steals, she did awsome DIY Jeffrey inspired Foxy sandals with chunky glitter, which was they technique I used.
The last photo with the writing on it (made with Picmonkey!, rip Picnik) was inspired by those Elsie shares on her blog A beautiful mess.

Completely unrelated topics

Have some scarves lying around and don't know how to use them in a different way? Check this great post! (via Chic Steals)
♥ Love scallops and shorts: try this! Sylvia and Samantha are a pair of creative sisters with a fab blog with I LOVE, always packed with great projects. Check then out here
♥ Pear on a pizza?? I have to try this!! 
♥ If we lived in a house like this one, we would get married every weekend (Well, At least I would!) I had already shared it on twitter, but I just had to share it again here!

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  1. They are gorgeous!


  2. looks awsome dear :D love the skirt!

  3. Deaaar! Nice shoes *-* I love it!! Are original and cute!!
    Me encantan, enserio, te han quedado muy chulas!! Yo no me atrevería a hacerlo porque seguro que acabaría fastidiándolos
    Que vistas más chachis tienes, yo tengo unas parecidas xD
    Un besitooo <3

  4. OMGoodness, your Happy Weekend photo is just darling ;-)

  5. I like all the accessories, so lovely photos!:) Kisses!

  6. I absolutely love your hair! It's so pretty :D And that top ! Can't believe its only 2 euros. Lovelyyyyyyy <3

  7. Wow, beautiful pictures! And I really love and want your skirt :)

  8. :) En estas fotos estas regia!
    Y la falda de polka dots me fascina, gracias por compartir tu rinconcito de super chollos conmigo, me ha encantado, estoy sacando ahora todas las cosas jajaja que cantidad!
    Y el DIY esta fenomenal aunque en ese tipo de zapatos no termina de convencerme, tal y como dices tu en unos oxfords es el próximo paso ;)
    Y lo que más me enamoro de las fotos es la de las sombras, realmente me encanto :)
    Alice un placer en serio tener compañera de batallas second hand ;)
    My blog By Joyce ♥

  9. I really LOVE that you glitterized your boots! They look super fabulous :)

    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights
    the shop of worldly delights

  10. Pero que fuerte tus zapaatosssss de purpuuuuuu!!! Te salen unos DIY geniales!!!! por que dices que son horribles? llámame hortera pero a mi no me lo parecen!!!! Me voy a copiar! jajajaja :D

  11. Cute outfit !

    We like your blog , maybe we can follow each other ?

    Hope to see you soon on our blog X

    Emily from Pretty Tiny Things

  12. These photos are full of life- I really love the movement. You and your boyfirend look so happy and natural together.

    P.S. Wicked purchase of the boots, made 1000X better by the addition of your red glitter. Great work.

    Have a lovely week, as ever.

  13. I adore your red shoes! I love anything sparkly <3
    I love the cute gifs you make too!
    Amazing blog, amazing style!

    Love from, THE EASTERN PEARL

  14. Thank you for stopping by my blog and following it! I'm also your newest follower :)
    Lovely blog! You have a great style!
    xx PC


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