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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

DIY jacket to a bbq

Jacket: Vintage DIY
Dress: H&M
Lace Slip: H&M
Tights: Calcedonia
Sneakers: Carrefour
Bag: Primark
Hat: H&M

DIY: Bleached denim jacket

 What do you think of my latest DIY?
Bought this jacket a few months ago for Nino for only one euro from the street market near our house. He didn`t like it, so I decided to keep it and try some DIY techniques.
I just scrunched it up a bit, put it in a tub, covered it in water and splashed some bleach in.
I am not sure how long I left it in, I started doing some sewing and forgot about it.... So when I remembered I rinsed it thoroughly and hung it up to dry.
I think I left it in for too long, I wanted it a bit darker, but in any case I like  how it looks.
If you are curious, here is a before photo!
I have already got hold of another denim jacket. This one is more my "normal" size and is denim blue. I am still deciding what to do with it. I might just dip dye it.

I smell of barbacue!

This is the extra simple outfit I wore to the bbq organized by my friend Mery. Her extra cutie son turned 1 (ONE year old!!!!) so she organized a get-together with the closest friends and family.
We had what in Spain is called a "Torrá", which is basically a bbq.
It was a great day and a wonderful celebration.

Showing off my hat.

 This hat looks so good with everything! Wish I had got hold of it in camel too.
I love hats and all things that go on my head, but I seem to have a hard time choosing hair accessories which aren't  black. I must try harder!

Look at those views!

The party  took place in the house Mery's family have in the mountains near Valencia.
They have such amazing views right on their doorstep!
Although we are at the beginning of March you can see how red I am! The sun shone all day long and I got quite a bit sunburnt!

A few snapshots of what we ate!

All the food was so good I forgot to take photos of most of the dishes. This is a little collage of the things I did take a photo of.
Mery's "Tortilla de patata" -that's genuine Spanish potatoe omelette- is surely my favourite one ever. Yummy!
Even the birthday cake was home made by the grandmother!

Reflection on the car window

Just a silly shot I took of myself in the reflection of the window of the car.
Glad that we took the car to be washed that morning. :)

Kisses for everyone!

Completely unrelated topics:

♥ I am very upset because Picnic is closing down! I have finally learned how to do quite a few things with it and I don't want to let go! I have been trying other programs, but none of them are so good! This reminds me I should start learning Photoshop! Nino has got me a copy, so I have no excuse now!
♥ Happy to be on holidays, I think I will be writing this on each post until I go back to work.
♥ Last night I dreamt I had an Iphone....
♥ This is what we will be having for dinner tomorrow night! Yay!
♥ Currently listening to: Tom Jones + The Cardigans, The Cardigans (by themselves)

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Love, love, love.


  1. Thank you, corazón for your kind words. Eres un tesoro.

  2. Alice! veo que vives n Valencia asique te hablaré en español. u puedes escribierme en español tambien ejej. todo se ve delicioso y tu cazadora desteñida es increible! besos y gracias por pasarte por mi blog

  3. I adore your hat!! The food looks like it would have been super delicious!

    Please check out my blog x

  4. what a change! i like the jacket after the diy, before was more common

  5. omg that jacket looks professionally done-- good stuff girl! i love it, and your hat x

  6. Me encanta la cazadora y me gusta como la combinaste con los converse rojos!x

  7. me encanta tu chaqueta!!!!!

  8. The jacket incredible but the hat...Amazing!!!I Lovelovelove it!!!!

  9. This is a stunning outfit! I love the jacket, it looks like a military style one and the fact that you made it yourself makes it even better! Looks very professional indeed!

  10. Acabo de descubrir tu blog!te sigo desde ya!besos

  11. The food looks delicious!
    Have a nice weekend


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